I am a Photographer based in the UK, Jersey and France. I love shooting snow sports and pretty much everything else that catches my eye.

I am currently studying Press and Editorial Photography at the University college Falmouth.

If you have any questions please contact me:

Email:            mail.hkh@gmail.com

UK:                +4407826855755

Blog:               https://harrykenneyherbert-blog.com/

Web:               http://harrykenneyherbert.com/

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/photography.hkh

Skype:            harrykenneyherbert

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Harry you have very nice portfolio…keep it up! By the way may I ask you something? I try to use hatch for my blog but cant remove featured image…you blog seems dont have featured image on your post…how to remove that? Thank you very much!

  2. Hi Harry, you take very beautiful photos! I want to use the Hatch theme for my blog/portfolio too and I was wondering how you made the single photo posts such that the photo takes up the entire width of the page? I think you set it as the featured image, but when I try that, my featured image only takes up about 3/4 of the width of the page. Also, how were you able to hide the date of the posting? Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Bonniezhou,

      When you upload the images and insert them into a post/page you have an option to change the size.The default is large i think, but you should be able to select Original. (this also depends on the size of the picture you are importing though, as WordPress will not upscale)

      Hope that helps.

  3. Hi harry!
    I love your work! I’m also trying to use this theme to show my portfolio of photography/architecture/art/writing and want to create separate pages for each medium like your place, people, snow category pages. how did you get the pages set up to show images and sort like they do? is it through tags or something special? thanks for your advice in advance. i’m struggling to make my blog a real portfolio page for grad school and appreciate any help i can get!

    • Hi there, Saw this and thought I’d help you. You can separate your images in this theme by using ‘categories’. On the ‘New Post’ page, you can assign a category to each picture/gallery – either create a new category or tick the category that applies. Then, in your dashboard under ‘Appearances >Menu’ option, go to categories, tick those that apply and click add to menu. I also have a blog in this theme if you want to check it out, its http://lisyallison.wordpress.com. Hope that helps!

  4. Love your blog, brilliant layout and great photos. I’m new to this.. how did you get your logo to be so big? No matter what size I upload it still goes small after saving the edit… ?

    • Hi Lisybisy,

      I played around with the CSS a bit which is one of the paid extras wordpress offer. I used it to get the Blog as you see it now which is fairly different to the normal Hatch theme. Let me know if i can help you with anything else.

      • Thanks for replying Harry! Is the paid extra also how you got your posts to be continuous on your front page? Mine cut off after 8 posts, then you have to click ‘older posts’ which I’m not keen on. I’d love it to be continuous too. If you want to check it out its lisyallison.wordpress.com

      • Nice pictures there Lisybisy !

        You should have the option of infinite scroll under – Settings > Reading and then make sure “Scroll Infinitely” box is checked.

  5. It’s really a shame that you put a big watermark over your photos.
    People that come here to enjoy them are hindered in doing just that, or they even just don’t bother.
    Someone that wants to steal your pictures can just remove the watermark, so what’s the point.

    • Hi Bart,

      I can see you point but as I am trying to make a career in photography its somthing that I need as I have had my pictures taken off my site already and used elsewhere without any permission and also in contexts that I do not want to be associated with leaving me with little choice. I have also had clients take the images which leaves me with no financial gain to support myself which I value the same as walking into a restaurant, eating the meal and then just leaving. I have chosen the large very transparent watermark for that reason. You would have to be a very good photo manipulator to remove that watermark while preserving the quality of the photo. Once I get to the stage where I do not need the income/the publicity out weighs the potential income then I will reassess the issue.

      Thank you for the comment and please feel free to reply if you would like to continue the conversation.


  6. Hi, I really liked your blog’s layout! I’m just wondering – how did you manage to let your blog’s front page to be set as “infinite scrolling” (more pics showing up as you scroll down)? I’m using the hatch theme for my blog too but I didn’t like how the “Old post” button is preventing me from showing out all my pictures.. any advice? Much thanks!

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